• Combination of articulations doesn't currently work in Dorico.
  • This is a known bug, and a fix may be expected in a future update of Dorico.
  • Unison notes are performed solo, even when using different voices.
  • This is the expected behavior in Dorico.
  • We hope to see a workaround to this in a future version of Dorico.
  • Dorico may collapse grand staves to a single staff in playback.
  • If a single Layout ▸ Solo Player is assigned to multiple staves in Dorico, these staves share a common MIDI channel.
  • What this means is, all articulations unavoidably spill over to the other staves in playback—including dynamics.
  • Identically pitched notes are also collapsed into a single solo note.
  • If you want to maintain staff separation in playback, the rule is to use different Solo Players in Dorico.
  • Dynamics within a bar may be inconsistent.
  • It happens because Dorico defaults to using beat stress, on a scale equivalent to two dynamic levels (e.g. mf becomes ff for stressed notes).
  • And also because Dorico humanizes dynamics by 50%.
  • You can manually alter these Dorico settings from Play ▸ Playback Options...
  • Accents and marcato may be very loud.
  • We currently don't have control over accent and marcato playback, but this is simply a dynamic change governed by Dorico from Play ▸ Playback Options....
  • There may be gaps of silence between subsequent slashed notes.
  • This is a known bug/behavior. Instead of shortening the individual notes in the tremolo by 85% (default note shortening) Dorico performs a tremolo only for 85% of the note's written length.
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