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Latest News: April 20, 2017 – NotePerformer version 2.0.2 is now available for download.

The ultimate solution to score playback

High-quality playback, at the click of a button

NotePerformer is a one-of-a-kind sound library, specifically created for notation program playback.

Our software overcomes the shortcomings of basic notation playback, by analyzing the musical context and generating suitable articulations, note transitions and other performance features on-the-fly. NotePerformer handles almost any musical figure, without asking you to add special commands or to resort to uncommon notation. It's the perfect companion when writing or arranging scores, as it helps you make better notational choices than a regular sample library would.

Create audio files with royalty-free orchestral music, or orchestral recordings where you own the performance rights.

Use your music in movies, games, apps, TV series, online videos, documentaries, theatre plays, live shows, advertisements, websites, school auditions or music contests. Or publish it as original recordings on CD or online streaming services.

Super easy to use

Using NotePerformer is no more difficult than using the built-in sounds. You need no technical skills or previous experience in using sample libraries.

In fact there is not even a separate interface to learn. You just focus on writing your score, and let NotePerformer handle everything playback related.


Proof-listen your scores

NotePerformer is the ideal tool for proof-listening when orchestrating and arranging music, as it responds to and articulates your music just like a real orchestra.

So the day you hand over your score to live musicians, you can feel confident in your writing. And the players will know to appreciate a performance-ready score. One which is written for musicians and not for computer playback.



Make up your mind while listening to a few of our renderings of orchestral scores.

Courtesy of mainly4strings.co.uk

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